Is a World of Our Dreams Possible?

By Cher Gilmore

A snapshot of our current times is not pretty. We’re seeing severe flooding in Germany, China, India, Indonesia, parts of the U.S. and elsewhere. Wildfires are burning in Siberia, Greece, Canada, and most western states. A global pandemic has already killed over 4 million worldwide, and is on its third, deadly wave. The Amazon rainforest is no longer a vast carbon sink but a net emitter of carbon. Plastic waste islands the size of states are filling our oceans, while microplastics are polluting not only the oceans, but our air and soil, too. Over 272 million people have become migrants, because they’ve had to leave their homes due to violence, persecution, war, drought, and other consequences of climate change. We are losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate, with multiple extinctions every day. Economic inequality is at its most extreme in history. And the poor everywhere, as always, are impacted by these simultaneous disasters more and sooner than the wealthy.

It’s a grim picture, but the future doesn’t have to look this way. In fact, we can create a completely different, much improved reality that allows everyone to thrive, if we can just visualize it and then work together to bring it into being. However, this requires understanding that we are one human family living on a delicately balanced planet that demands our respect and consideration. If it is to continue supporting us, we must learn to live within its laws and limits.

To create the necessary vision of a better future, let’s imagine how our world could look 50 years from now, as foreseen by British author Benjamin Creme in his book Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Two.

The first thing we’ll notice is that there are no wars anywhere on the planet. The world’s people have completely given up the belief that war is a solution to any problem, and have instead decided to fulfill the promises enshrined in Article 25 of the U. N. Declaration of Human Rights. As a result, we see that hunger and poverty are also gone, as are the countless people living on urban streets and filling tents in massive refugee camps in the Middle East and elsewhere — the homeless.

Education, which had become tenuous for many children around the world, has taken pride of place as a central focus of governments. Children everywhere are enrolled in school at an early age and taught not only basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also instruction based on their true reality as souls in incarnation. Teaching is individualized, because each child’s evolutionary stage, their governing energies, and their past life experiences are taken into account. This produces a tailored curriculum to best prepare them to fulfill their potential in their current lifetimes.

Violence, crime, and drug use are no longer crises anywhere, and cities have been physically transformed. The worst areas of slums and decayed buildings have been replaced by urban parks and ordinary housing on a human scale, interspersed with well-appointed shopping areas. New buildings have different shapes from buildings of the past, and some of them by their shapes alone focus and accumulate particular beneficial energies. Beautiful pieces of art of all kinds grace public spaces, and advertising billboards are nowhere to be seen. Public transport has become so silent and apparently motionless that travelers no longer suffer from “travel fatigue.”

Individual citizens live much more simply, and the vast economic inequalities between the ultra-rich and everyone else have been greatly reduced. The majority live fulfilling lives, since most tedious, repetitive jobs are now performed by robots, and work hours have been radically shortened. Their plentiful leisure time is used to pursue creative interests and personal development, and participate in community and national governance.

People are living longer, and as a whole are healthy and vital. To address health issues, alternative approaches to medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc.) have moved from the sidelines to take their place beside more conventional methods. Scientists have learned to grow new organs from an ailing individual’s own cells, rather than having to transplant them from a donor. People do not fear death, but see it only as a transition into their next life experience.

Most farming is organically based, so food is healthier and more nutritious, and there is reverence for all manifestations of life — plant, animal, insect, marine, etc. Many species that were once on the brink of extinction have recovered and are thriving. The air is crisp and clear, and waters run clean. Concerns for nature and the environment have been embodied in universally accepted legislation, and all nations now engage in the wise husbandry of nature’s gifts. Global greenhouse gas emissions have subsided because the world’s people are now using a safe form of energy, available to everyone freely, and fossil fuels are not being burned.

Social democracy has become the world’s political/economic norm, and political groups gravitate toward the center rather than right/left extremes. The United Nations has realized its original purpose as the central governing forum for all nations, since the disbanding of the Security Council now allows every country a say in decision-making. With that change, the U.N. can no longer be held hostage by any powerful nation’s veto, and global issues — from exploration of the seabed to space satellite oversight — are now freely debated and governed by international law.

Now, looking backward from that vision, what exactly happened in 50 years to bring these astonishing changes about? Well, several simultaneous events both woke us up and helped us put new ideas into action.

Most fundamentally, we felt the growing influence of the Aquarian energies of cooperation, brotherhood, and synthesis that started streaming into the planet around 1675. For the previous 2,000 years or so, we had been steeped in the energies of Pisces, which are all about individuality and devotion to a cause (my cause, though, not yours). Piscean energies had taught us essential lessons, but eventually led to division and strife among cultures, nationalities, races, religions, political parties and even sexual orientations. This gradual transition from Piscean to Aquarian influence is an astronomical fact related to how our solar system progresses around the heavens, coming into alignment with a different zodiacal sign about every 2,500 years. The closer we came to the constellation Aquarius, the more we were stimulated to create inclusive and just ways of living — and we did!

A second major event, largely hidden for many years, amplified the planetary shift from a Piscean to Aquarian orientation: the public appearance in our everyday world of the custodians of Earth’s evolutionary plan. Known as the Masters of Wisdom, among other names, they constitute our planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy. At their head is the World Teacher for our age — Maitreya — who since 1977 had been working behind the scenes with political leaders and others to help us until his “Day of Declaration,” as it came to be known.

On that day, which began his open, public work, Maitreya spoke to all of humanity simultaneously, telepathically, introducing himself and his group, and told us that he had come in response to our calls for help. He explained our divine origins as spiritual beings, how we had gotten desperately lost in materialism, and the momentous choice we would have to make in order to save the planet and ourselves. Hundreds of thousands of healings took place around the world as he spoke, and people “walked on tiptoe” for awhile afterward, in wonder at the new revelation they had witnessed.

However, not all were pleased with his message — that we must choose to share the world’s resources more equitably among all peoples if we are to survive — and so the past divisions, especially between the very rich and poorer classes, threatened to take us back to past conflicts. But fortunately, the voice of the people, unified, strengthened, and galvanized by the World Teacher, proved to be stronger than the whining of those fighting to preserve their privilege and power. Gradually, professional politicians were voted out of office, and true representatives of the people arose from every walk of life, ran for office, and won! Many of these were younger folks, who had been born under the Aquarian influence and had felt stifled by the Piscean institutions created by their elders. They had finally found their purpose.

Another major revelation that took place on the Day of Declaration was not totally unexpected, but had a tremendous impact on our lives — Maitreya’s introduction of our Space Brothers and Sisters. Many of us had become aware of UFOs because their appearance in our skies had become so frequent that the U.S. government had felt compelled to release a report on them in 2021. It only covered encounters recorded over twenty years, though — and we learned later that UFOs had been visiting our planet for millennia. The report concluded that the UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, as they renamed them) could not be explained by any known Earth technology, and called them national security threats. The government plan had been to create fear of the UFOs, to keep us from paying attention to messages from our space visitors that were shared in books and lectures by contactees in the 1950s. We paid attention anyway.

Those messages, given to people like George Adamski, Giorgio Dibitonto, Wilbert Smith and others, universally stated that we are all part of an interconnected, interdependent whole making up all of Cosmos. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters, irrespective of outer appearances, and are dependent on one another for our very survival as well as our ability to grow and thrive. The space visitors the contactees met, who were clearly living by these principles, were without exception not only harmless, but wished to help us in any way possible.

And help us they did. After we collectively agreed to give up war forever, our space visitors used their advanced technology to neutralize the rest of the nuclear radiation we had been emitting for decades from our nuclear power plants and weapons tests. They had been performing this service since our first nuclear testing began, within the limits of karmic law, but now, with our new decision, they could complete the task. We learned that the most damaging nuclear radiation was on the etheric plane — a finer plane of physical reality above gases — which is the plane on which the space visitors normally exist. Our scientists until that time had been ignorant of these subtler planes and therefore were unaware of the danger.

Working with the World Teacher and his group, our Space Brothers and Sisters also established the foundations for the Technology of Light, in which energy from the sun, combined with energy from the Earth’s magnetic field, would provide free, limitless energy for all human needs. We had observed the beautiful crop circles around the world for years, but now understood their major purpose: replicating the planet’s magnetic field on the dense-physical plane as part of a new energy grid. This technology, of course, made the burning of fossil fuels obsolete, and led to huge improvements in the environment.

Too, as a program for sharing the world’s resources was being established — which soon eliminated hunger and poverty — the World Teacher had urged action on the environment, and restoration of the planet became the number one priority for all people. Ideas seeded into Earth’s mindbelt long before and picked up and practiced in only a few places suddenly spread like wildfire through a newly receptive humanity. The media did their part by engaging in a friendly competition among themselves to be the first to report new developments in the construction of a new world.

Programs to regenerate soils and forests, clean up plastic pollution, protect terrestrial and marine wildlife, spread the practice of organic farming, and many others were undertaken everywhere, and a major transformation gradually took place as nature healed.

And that’s the story of how planet Earth came to be the paradise it was always meant to be.

This article previously appeared in Evolve Magazine.

Cher Gilmore is a writer and speaker who has long worked with Share International.

For more information, visit us at Share International USA

Read the books by Benjamin Creme: Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Two’ and ‘The Gathering Of The Forces Of Light’ — or listen to selected audiobooks.



Share International Foundation is a non-profit that makes known the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher & promotes the idea of sharing the world’s resources

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Share International USA

Share International USA

Share International Foundation is a non-profit that makes known the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher & promotes the idea of sharing the world’s resources