Nuclear Energy: What We Don’t Know Is Hurting Us

UFOs over the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station after the earthquake in 2011 | source: web-cam

By Cher Gilmore

Surely those who think nuclear energy is a solution to our global warming problem haven’t studied the subject deeply. If they had, they’d know that embracing nuclear energy from fission is like jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. There are facts about nuclear radiation — as yet unknown to scientists — that constitute an overriding reason to reject nuclear energy from fission entirely and forever.

On the positive side, there are also things few people know that are helping us. More on that after the litany of reasons-we-shouldn’t-do-this. Hang in there; it’s not all depressing.

The familiar arguments against nuclear energy are damning of themselves, and should be enough to put an immediate stop to further use of this energy source. Most significant among them is the unsolved waste disposal problem: we’ve never found a safe place on the planet to store the radioactive waste from atomic fission, and most likely there isn’t one. That is an existential problem, because radioactive waste is extremely hazardous for all life — indefinitely.

As of 2021, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that there are about 370,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste worldwide needing disposal, containing over 100 radioactive elements such as: strontium-90 (which causes bone cancer and leukemia), caesium-137 (which causes muscle sarcomas and cancers in many other organs), plutonium-239 (a mutagen that induces bone cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, fetal abnormalities and genetic diseases), and iodine-129 (a thyroid carcinogen). Iodine-129, with a half-life of 16 million years, is dangerous virtually forever.

Further complicating the picture for both nuclear plants and waste storage are the ever-present risks of accidents, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, rising sea levels caused by runaway global warming, and nuclear warfare. We should have been chastened by the consequences of the Three Mile Island accident, Chernobyl, The Hanford, and Fukushima Daiichi, among others — but the nuclear industry is powerful, a lot of money is involved, and the public has been largely kept in the dark about the continuing effects of the radiation created by these events.

Unfortunately, radiation doesn’t stay where it’s released. If the release is on land, wind currents take it wherever the wind blows; if on the coasts, ocean currents carry it around the world. For example, The Guardian reported in 2019 that plumes of radioactive waste from Chernobyl were washed down from the atmosphere by rain produced by seeding the clouds with silver iodide. This top secret “Operation Cyclone” carried out by Russia was to keep the waste from reaching Moscow, and resulted in a second radioactive zone with high levels of radiation in southern Belarus. Some of the Chernobyl radiation reached the Cumbrian fells in England, spiking the radiation levels in topsoil and ultimately contaminating the sheep that grazed on the land.

In the 1950s, harmful levels of radioactive caesium were found by British officials in imported Minnesota wheat. The source of the radioactivity was the U.S. bomb tests in Nevada, about 1,500 miles away. On the U.S. west coast in 2013, there were reports of elevated radiation levels; mass die-offs of sea stars; and marine animals suffering from hair loss and open sores, after radiation from the Fukushima accident had crossed the Pacific. Official sources insisted that the low radiation levels reaching our shores were “nothing to worry about,” but according to research reported by Beyond Nuclear, there is no safe dose of ionizing radiation.

Other drawbacks of nuclear energy

Even without accidents, all nuclear power plants release radioactive water and gases as part of their routine operation, and filtering and monitoring technologies don’t exist for some of the major reactor by-products, such as radioactive hydrogen (tritium). Government regulations allow this radioactive water and gases containing “permissible” (not safe!) levels of pollution to be released into the environment — river, lake and ocean water sources as well as the air.

In addition, the Trump administration rolled back the safety regulations for nuclear power plants, so the only official nuclear watchdog — the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) — now has no teeth! The Union of Concerned Scientists published a hair-raising report in 2010 on the failures of the NRC to pursue safety violations at nuclear plants — and this was before the regulations were watered down!

Sea-level rise is another extremely serious issue with nuclear power plants. A minimum scientific estimate of sea-level rise by 2100 is two feet, which would threaten many coastal reactors worldwide. In the U.S., nine reactors are within two miles of the ocean, and four of these are vulnerable to storm surges and sea-level rise. Furthermore, all four are close to large cities within evacuation range, should an accident occur: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, and Hartford, CT. David Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer and former director of the nuclear safety project at the Union of Concerned Scientists, reports over 20 flooding incidents at U.S. nuclear plants between the early 1980s and 2015, most likely caused by the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. This does not bode well for the ongoing safety of coastal reactors.

Regarding health impacts, in addition to those already mentioned, radiation bioaccumulates in the body and can be passed on to fetuses, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. And since it often takes 10 to 20 years or more for cancers to develop after exposure, the source of the disease may not be easily identified. We do know, however, that cancers are increasing. According to the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2019, the number of people worldwide diagnosed with cancer rose from 18.7 million people in 2010 to 23.6 million in 2019. Incidences of thyroid cancer in particular have been rising rapidly in recent decades, and no one seems to know why.

What scientists don’t know

Beyond these facts that scientists and nuclear experts (not necessarily the public!) know, there are others that at this time are known only by esotericists familiar with the Ageless Wisdom. The late British author Benjamin Creme brought these Teachings up to date, and revealed the emergence now into the everyday world of the spiritual mentors written about in this tradition: the World Teacher Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom.

Creme recorded the following information from one of these Masters of Wisdom in his book, The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission.

Toxicity, pollutions of all kinds and in all fields, is now the greatest danger to all men, animals and the Earth itself. All are poisoned and sick in their own way.

Unknown to men but evident to us, the greatest harm sustained by men and planet in this sorry tale is caused by nuclear radiation. Men have gone far astray in the development of this most dangerous energetic source. Led astray by greed and the false hope of vast profits, they have concentrated their experiments in ‘taming’ the most dangerous source of energy ever discovered by man,…

…Earth scientists are confident that they have, indeed, tamed the monster, and can keep it under control. They do not realize that their instruments are crude indeed, that they measure only the lower aspects of nuclear radiation, that stretching above these dense-physical levels are levels finer and more dangerous to the health and well-being of all.

The finer levels the Master speaks of are the etheric planes. Western science currently recognizes only three aspects of matter: the solid, liquid, and gaseous physical. Above those, however, are four additional physical planes of etheric matter, finer than gas. The etheric plane just above gas is visible only to those who have etheric vision; all four etheric planes are invisible to most people.

Creme explains that the etheric planes correspond to the “dark matter” that scientists postulate but haven’t been able to prove, and this ignorance on their part makes nuclear radiation even more dangerous. Since the most harmful aspect is above the level their technology can measure, scientists don’t even realize these radiation levels exist. However, at etheric levels nuclear radiation destroys the immune system, making individuals susceptible to any diseases to which they might be exposed.

We’ve barely touched the surface of a few significant facts that are virtually unknown about nuclear radiation and are seriously harming us. However, other facts we don’t know are helping us immensely, and they have to do with our Space Brothers and Sisters.

We have extra-planetary help

At this time of transition from one astronomical cycle to the next — from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius — we as humanity are also at a critical point in our evolutionary journey. We are about to make a giant leap from thinking we’re mere physical beings to the understanding that we are in reality gods-in-incarnation. That is, we are all sparks of the one Divine energy we call God, and therefore brothers and sisters of one family, no matter our race, religion, or nationality.

Because we are at such a critical choice point between business as usual — which would lead to the destruction of all life on the planet — and spiritual transformation, our Space Brothers and Sisters from other planets in our solar system have been visiting Earth in the thousands in recent years, to witness our process and motivate us in any way possible to make the right choice. Their presence is becoming more and more evident as sightings of their spacecraft are reported openly by credible sources and appear regularly in the media.

Here again, the limitations of our Western science are a barrier to our understanding, because our Space Siblings exist on the etheric-physical, and not the dense physical as we do. Therefore, the vast majority of people are unable to see them or their ships (UFOs) — unless they deliberately lower their vibration to come within our visual range. This is why UFOs seem to appear and disappear so mysteriously; they simply lower their vibration when they want to be seen, and raise it when they don’t.

You might wonder what space visitors have to do with the topic at hand — nuclear radiation — and in that regard we owe them a tremendous debt. Our Space Brothers and Sisters are ahead of us in many ways. One of them is having the technology to neutralize nuclear radiation, and another is having given up war entirely as a means of resolving disputes. A primary reason for their presence here in recent years is to neutralize as much of the radiation from our nuclear reactors and tests as is possible under karmic law. Without this service, our planet would be uninhabitable.

We’ve already stated that all nuclear power plants routinely emit radiation, and in addition to that load of radiation, 2,048 nuclear test explosions were made globally between 1945 and 1998. The U.S. was responsible for 1,032 of them, and Russia 715. England and a few other countries account for the rest. All of this radiation would be lingering in our atmosphere, soil, and water and literally killing us were it not for our Space Brothers and Sisters.

The bottom line is that nuclear radiation is causing us more trouble than we know, but we have extra-planetary help in neutralizing much of it until we gain the wisdom to make better choices.

To assist in our learning, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom are here now and will soon appear publicly. They’ll inspire us to reject nuclear energy and weapons, to abolish war, and to share the Earth’s resources equitably among all nations. If we accept their advice, we’ll create a just, peaceful, and safe home for Earth’s human family and all other life forms.

For more information about Benjamin Creme, The Masters of Wisdom, and our Space Brothers and Sisters, visit

Cher Gilmore is a writer and speaker who has long worked with Share International.

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