Pentagon UFO Report: Not the Whole Story

Documents. Photo: Warongdech Thaiwatcharamas |

By Cher Gilmore & Diana Holland

The report released on June 25 by the Pentagon on unidentified aerial phenomena or “UAPs,” popularly known as unidentified flying objects or “UFOs,” is definitive on only one point — that UAPs do not originate from American military or advanced U.S. government technology. According to British futurist Benjamin Creme (1922–2016), author of The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission and founding editor of Share International magazine, UFOs are spaceships coming from other planets in our solar system.

Based on his longstanding work for and with those he calls our “space brothers,” Creme explains that the ships and their occupants are normally invisible to us because they exist on a higher physical plane than our dense physical. That is, they vibrate at a higher frequency. However, they are able to lower their vibration at will, so they can be seen within our visual spectrum when they choose. Thus they can seem to appear and disappear instantaneously.

UFO in the sky above a house with a pink sun setting
UFO with setting sun over roof. Photo reproduced with permission: MUFON — Arvada, CO, 9/7/2020

The UFOs are here to help us, according to Creme, by neutralizing as much nuclear and other toxic pollution as possible — much of which he claims cannot yet be measured by our scientific instruments because it, too, exists at higher frequencies. Luis Elizondo, former Director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, confirms that UAPs are often seen around nuclear weapons and energy sites. Rather than classify them as a national security threat, however, Creme submits that we should regard them as friends — not foes — because they are performing an important and beneficial service for us.

In a related story, Creme announced publicly on December 12, 2008 that a large, brilliant, “star-like luminary” would soon appear around the world, visible both night and day. Starting in January 2009, ever-increasing sightings of the “star” have been reported in Share International magazine, the media, and on YouTube, along with questions about its origin and meaning. The “star,” Creme explains, is actually four spaceships from Mars, Venus and Jupiter, positioned around the Earth so they can be seen everywhere. They serve as a sign of the imminent appearance of the World Teacher for our time, he says, and are part of a powerful effort by the forces of light to help us at this critical time for humanity and the planet.

Long spikey UFO light in a cloudy sky above a building at night
UFO in night sky over buildings. Photo reproduced with permission: MUFON — Dehradun, India, 5/4/2020

Another manifestation of UFO activity is the ongoing appearance of crop circles around the world. Creme asserts that each UFO-created circle is a vortex of magnetic energy, drawing energy in and radiating it to the surrounding area. Together they form an interrelated grid that, combined with electrical energy from the sun, will in the future become a source of free, unlimited, safe power for all our needs.

The bottom line? There’s more to the UFO story than meets the eye, and it’s all to the good.

For more info: Further detail on the UFO and “star” information provided above can be found here. Information about Share International and the emergence of the World Teacher is here. Six authoritative books on UFOs by Dutch writer Gerard Aartsen, corroborating this information, can be found here.



Share International Foundation is a non-profit that makes known the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher & promotes the idea of sharing the world’s resources

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Share International USA

Share International USA

Share International Foundation is a non-profit that makes known the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher & promotes the idea of sharing the world’s resources